Our Kittens

Next available litter is expected in March 2017 with the kittens ready to go by May 2017. Please contact us if you are interested in a kitten in the future.

Our formula for great c
ats is to start with a great pedigree (Thai physical attributes), select parents that have great dispositions and personalities, and then socialize their offspring (“the kittens”) as early and often as possible in many varied and unique situations.  To ensure the kittens turn out to be the best possible companions anyone could hope for takes love, a lot of time and attention in the early stages of th
eir development.

We have had both seal points and blue points in our litters.  The seal points are the darkest of the four colors and is the color most people visualize when they think of Thai (Siamese).

 Our Mother — NIKA Gallet Olie, 07.02.2015, seal-point.

 Our Father — OSKAR Gallet Olie, 05.01.2015, blue-point.