Siamese kittens ( Thai, apple-head, old-style) are available for sale at this moment. There are males and females, seal-point and blue-point colors. We are an in-home cattery, our cats are registered as Thai in the World Cat Federation (WCF). At this time we are in Baltimore, Maryland. But we will come with our kittens to Brooklyn, New York in September 2023. We are pleased to share with you our impressions, experiences, and expertise.  If you have an interest, contact us, please.


Since you found yourself  here on this website, you most likely have already answered the most difficult and important question: “Which type of pedigreed cat should I get?”

“One of my most favorite breeds of cats is the siamese and for good reason. They are loving affectionate and adorable animals. They are very healthy overall and strong bond with their owner. Mine follows me around the house, talks to me, plays hide and go seek, and sleeps right on my pillow with me through the night. He is always up for a conversation and it’s hard sometimes to get a word in with him. All and all I love my siamese baby!!” – Ruben. A