Thai cats will strongly bond with people, and they are loving, affectionate, and attached to their families.

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They are social cats that really enjoy the company of people and should have a feline companion if they are to be left alone at home for long periods of time. In fact, they will often make it a point to follow you around and be involved in everything that you do, so you need to have the patience to give these needy cats the attention that they require.

These cats are also intelligent, clever, and talkative, often telling their owners how they feel. They enjoy playing with people, as well as snuggling up in someone’s lap to relax when they are done using up their energy. Because of their demands for attention, spending a good amount of time interacting with your cat every day is necessary to keep this breed content.

The Thai is also a breed that does well in homes with children, as well as pets of other species, such as dogs.